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Emmanuel De Great Ltd. (EDGL) is a registered auction company with years of success experience in the saddle. We have in the past carved a niche for our self and have received commendation from both National and International bodies as a reputable, competent and reliable company. Emmanuel De Great Limited Auctioneers specialize in the sale of Government items/properties i.e. sale of items forfeiture to government, government serviceable and unserviceable items such as vehicles, generating sets and real estates like houses and land. We have a long-standing background in the sale of government and commercial properties, being licensed in Nigeria. Emmanuel De Great auctioneers, was first registered as Emmanuel the Great Nigeria Enterprises in 2010. In 2013, the company upgraded to a limited liability company as Emmanuel De Great Limited. We make bidding at our auctions fun and exciting, bringing in more money for our clients. Auction is the only sale method that can actually achieve more than the asking price by obtaining the true market value for your property. Auctions should be considered as the “first” resort, not the “last” method of marketing one’s assets. The whole goal is to get as many buyers competing as possible; the more buyers, the more competition, the higher the price. The key to marketing is to be able to adapt to technology. It is constantly evolving and to stay relevant, you have to change with it.

Let us talk to you about turning your assets into cash today! We want to be your auction company. Today, Emmanuel De Great continues to serve Nigeria, still holding to the same values of honesty, integrity and dedication that made the business a success over years. With our in-depth experience and expertise which has propelled us to this successful stage, there is no auction exercise Emmanuel De Great auctioneers cannot handle.

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